I'm a writer and photographer with a special love for animals and the natural world.

I've spent most of my professional life in the animal care industry, working for humane societies, veterinarians, and animal rescues. I've always felt an especially strong connection to the non-human creatures in my life. 

I started as an adoption counselor, making matches between seeking souls, and then progressed into the care and management aspects of rescue. I spent over a decade feeding, vaccinating, microchipping, medicating, walking, training, photographing, and recruiting and teaching other folks to do the same.

Over the course of taking thousands of profile portraits, I developed a knack for capturing unique images, as well as the skill to edit them into wall-worthy works of art! Today, I love to put this know-how to work as a private photographer.

In addition to capturing furry friends, I also do , landscape, architectural, adventure, wedding, and portrait (including senior, engagement, pregnancy, etc.) photography. 

Photography though, isn't my sole focus. I love to write as well. I have a BA in English Literature from the University of Idaho, and have always enjoyed and admired great writing.

I combine these disciplines in the books and online articles I publish.
​​To date, most of my written work has been wilderness-focused. I'm an avid hiker, waterfall chaser, mountaineer, fly-fisherman, pack-rafter, and bushwhacker, and the beautiful places I'm drawn to have inspired the majority of my books and articles.

So far, I've only written non-fiction, but that is soon to change! I'm currently working a novel that's been percolating for several years. I hope to have Relict done in the next two years! So stay tuned!

For now, please enjoy my completed works and my blog!