My Services

I offer pet photography services, portrait and event photography, and personal workshops.
When you choose a photographer, you want someone whose art you admire, and who consistently delivers great results!

While I don't consider myself a photoshop expert by any means, I've been working on my craft for two decades. In that time, the skills I've gained in both shooting and editing, allow me to dependably capture and produce fantastic images. 

When you hire me, you're putting all my years and tens of thousands of hours of refining experiences, in your corner. Wether it's to capture images of your furry best friend, your daughter in her senior year, your own engagement, your wedding, or your vacation , it makes for a wise investment. After all, you only get one chance to record these memories forever!
  1. I offer personal portrait sessions for all types of pets! My fee is $50 for a one-hour photo shoot, and then $25 per each edited portrait you select.
  2. Capturing my outdoor experiences has long been a passion, and I love sharing the skills I've gained. I offer waterfall-centric workshops as well as private photo trips.
  3. Value of Wilderness Presentation
Pet Photography
Nature & Adventure Photography